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Monday 28-Apr-14 UK Leeds Cockpit 2

Tuesday 29-Apr-14 UK Glasgow Audio

Wednesday 30-Apr-14 UK Newcastle Cluny

Thursday 1-May-14 UK Nottingham Basement

Friday 2-May-14 UK Norwich Epic Studios

Saturday 3-May-14 UK Manchester Sound Control

Monday 5-May-14 UK Brighton The Hope

Tuesday 6-May-14 UK Southampton Joiners

Wednesday 7-May-14 UK Bristol The Fleece

Thursday 8-May-14 UK Hatfield University;jsessionid=653AAB1CCE3DBB71D81F7F3E773B875B

Friday 9-May-14 UK Kingston Fighting Cocks

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Saturday 10-May-14 UK London Borderline

Come see The Swellers in Glasgow with Hey Vanity, Wolves At Heart & Taking Chase.



Struggletown Records have released their first Sick Jams Compilation, featuring Nai Harvest, Self Defense Family, and many more. Download it for free right here!


Bob Cooper is the mastering engineer who made Try Me listenable. See what else he’s done. 

Praise indeed for Bob.

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To us, these tracks are priceless. Some of them show our earliest efforts in songwriting while others show the process it took to make our records what they are today. We never thought some of these strange demos would ever see the light of day, but we had so much fun opening up the vault and seeing what was in there. We included some never-before-heard unreleased songs, acoustic jams, and basement-style early versions of some of our favorite tunes.

To us, they’re priceless, but we wanted you to have them. 5 bucks gets you 17 tracks, but you have the option to pay more if you want to really help the Swell Dogs out. If you got tax money back, this is a great place to spend it, because as a band, we just PAY a buttload of taxes at the end of the year instead of getting anything back. Plane tickets to the UK, paying back our awesome label No Sleep records, compensating for a Brazilian promoter NOT paying us.. lots of setbacks. We are currently self-managed, and trying hard to make sure we can keep touring and having fun.

Hope you enjoy this weirdness. RIP Ultimate Warrior.

-The Swellers

The Swellers - B-sides and Rarities

Demos and unreleased songs from 2003-2013

Please help us out with a minimum $5 donation! Spread the word!

Has had an incredible response. So many plays and downloads in such a short time. Keep it up!


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Sick Jams #1 - Free Download | Free Stickers (Just Pay Postage)

1. Nai Harvest - Ain’t That Enough (Teenage Fanclub Cover)

2. Walleater - What Do You Know?

3. Healing Powers - Friendship Bracelet

4. All The Best Tapes - I’ve Been Bored Since 9/11

5. The Sinking Feeling - Not Now

6. Self Defense Family - Turn The Fan On

7. The Homesteads - When You Think Of Home

8. Dearist - You Taught Me How To Live

9. Keeper - Cellar Door

10. Kill The Silence - Get Out! Get Out!

11. Bright Side - Lost Love

12. Valours - Dreams / Metaphors

13. Allusondrugs - Cherry Pie

Love from Bob Cooper & Struggletown Records.

If you choose to enter a small amount of money to download this compilation then all proceeds go towards releasing more music.


Thin Privilege. (at Brighton Pier)

We’re really excited about this show for a number of reasons.
1. Drug Church are an excellent band all the way from Albany, New York.
2. Thin Privilege are releasing their debut LP which is also our first LP release at this show.
3. It’s the 3rd anniversary of the first Struggle show at Bloc.

Come down and celebrate with us.


Finally back in print after being gone for a few years now is the 2006 LP from Shook Ones in clear gold!

You should all buy this if you don’t got it.

We’re running a stall on RSD/April 19th at The Record Factory.
Event page.

There will be: Discounts. Good records
There won’t be: Massive queues. Bad overpriced records.


Sneak preview 

  1. Camera: Fujifilm Frontier SP-3000

The Sinking Feeling - Depends (Acoustic)
Salford Sessions

I don’t even like Oasis.


Thin Privilege LP pre-order is now live at Struggletown Records - available in Transparent Blue or Orange/Frosted Clear vinyl, with an optional “Sword Swallower” design T-shirt.

Yeah. Buy this stuff.