Just added to the webstore: A handful of copies of the new comic xGAVx (ex Offside frontman) called Rapid Gazzer. A Glesga twist on a sci-fi action adventure with plenty of humour.Support indie comics and publishing.

Just added to the webstore: A handful of copies of the new comic xGAVx (ex Offside frontman) called Rapid Gazzer. A Glesga twist on a sci-fi action adventure with plenty of humour.

Support indie comics and publishing.

When it comes to DIY music in the UK, I don’t think it should be a competition, I reckon there’s enough ‘business' to go around, and while we have a tonne of records we'd really like you to buy, that doesn't mean there aren't other labels putting out great stuff that we really think you should pick up too.

Here’s a short non-comprehensive list.

Black Lake Records
Our pals from Aberdeen helped us out with the Thin Privilege LP and have plenty of great hardcore, punk, screamo & more to buy.

Make-That-A-Take Records
Dundee based punks who take care of the scene up there very well with great releases and shows that embody the spirit of DIY punk rock.

Wolf Town DIY
Wolverhampton based label Wolf Town DIY have put out some essential releases, including the Healing Powers 7”, Crows An Wra LP and Ploughlines 7”. We’re stoked to be teaming up with them on the Maycomb 10” coming out in September. TOWN TOWN DIY!

Get Into It Records
Newcastle punks who release great emo and punk tapes, CDs and records. Lovely people, great label grab a spirit print poster & get spooky.

Dog Knights Records
If you don’t already own some of the records this Brighton based label has released I would be surprised, the likes of Nai Harvest, Old Gray, Tiny Moving Parts, Headroom and recently Turnover have all put out music on this brilliant label. The focus on quality packaging and vinyl is clear and all their releases look as good as they sound.

Specialist Subject Records
With bands such as Bangers, Doe & Muncie Girls on their roster, you know Specialist Subject is the label to check out for fantastic punk rock in the UK.

Enjoyment Records
Dealing with pop punk, emo, and heavier brands of hardcore, Enjoyment have put out plenty of brilliant records that are well worth your time.

Art for Blind Records
Based in Cork, Ireland, Art for Blind have released some pretty awesome releases in the past few months, including the Carson Wells/Human Hands split (in association with other great labels) and Perfect Pussy (1).

Boslevan Records
Everyone’s favourite DIY screen printer Mikee also runs this brilliant label, dealing mostly in screamo and noisy hardcore, the Jackals LP and the Foxmoulder 7” are some of my personal favourites.

Close To Home Records
Pick up the Walleater 7” and the Sneeze LP at the very least from this awesome Essex based record label, there are more great releases to check out too, but those two are essential.

Moshtache Records
Moshtache is a one man operation with plenty of great releases under it’s belt. Genre is no issue. Key releases include: Wade - Full Fuck 7” and Coma Regalia/Cavalcades/Heart On My Sleeve split 10”

Pinky Swear Records
A Leeds based label with a knack for picking bands who go on to become huge (Neck Deep) Pinky Swear are one of our earliest collaborators, putting out pop punk, emo and hardcore records for the past 4 years.

Thanks For Nothing Records
Catering for the heavier hardcore fan and recently branching into releasing pop punk legends, TFN are our arch rivals in Glasgow.

strictly no capital records
When it comes to UKDIY, look no further than this awesome label/zine/blog for clues on how it’s done. Excellent releases with DIY packaging that really suits the genre. Keeping it all about the music and no extra bullshit is what sncl does best.


There are way more labels in the UK, Europe and across the world, this is just a selection of the people who are working hard to keep the DIY scene going in the UK. I’m sorry if I didn’t mention your label, please feel free to reblog and add to this list.



Thin Privilege - Thin Privilege (LP) June - Available Now
Algernon Doll - Omphalic (LP) July - Available Now
Push Ups - Grow Up or Try Dying (Tape) July - Available Now
Bright Side - Bright Side (7”) August - Shipping Soon
The Sinking Feeling - Ugly / Old Friends (12”) September - Preorder
Maycomb - Little Ease (10*) September - Coming Soon
Bear Arms - Strength & Conviction (LP) October - Coming Soon
Wank For Peace - Fail Forward (LP) October - Coming Soon


Struggle 38 at Bloc - Thursday 11th September
with Bear Arms & Civil Elegies (Free Entry)

Superheaven at Stereo - Saturday 27th September 
with Nai Harvest, Concave & The Sinking Feeling - £8

Struggle 39 at Bloc - Thursday 9th October 
STRUGGLEFEST WARM UP - Lineup TBC - (Free Entry)

STRUGGLEFEST 2014 at Stereo - Saturday 11th October 
with Wolves At Heart, Wank For Peace, Prevenge, The Sinking Feeling, Bonehouse, The Great Albatross, Algernon Doll, Bad Luck, Bright Side & Great Cop - £10



brooklynvegan are being kind enough to show people the video we did for thegreatalbatross. So have a swatch x 

Go watch this lovely simple video for a beautifully simple song about being far away from the one person you really want to be close to.



Lovely chaps, support Alburn!

PLUS - Bear Arms - Strength and Conviction (LP) - September
Help us out by grabbing a shirt or a record from www.struggletown.co.uk

Also! STRUGGLEFEST 2014 is happening and it’s going to rule.
Get yrslf a ticket! www.struggletown.limitedrun.com/tickets


Sketchbooks going out free in bigger orders, VERY limited quantity!

These are coooool. getintoitrecords:

Sketchbooks going out free in bigger orders, VERY limited quantity!

These are coooool.


Sketchbooks going out free in bigger orders, VERY limited quantity!

These are coooool.



Having abandoned the solo route in favour of a full band, the third album from 24 year old Ewan Grant aka Algernon Doll, 'Omphalic' was recently released through Struggletown Records. Ewan has now be joined by Wull Swales, Owen Wicksted, and Tom Mitchell, and in 'Omphalic' they have created a record that is rooted in 90’s alt-rock with brooding, fuzzy numbers that thrive of Grant’s emotional lyrical prowess.

Since its release we’ve been spinning 'Omphalic' a lot at Already Heard HQ, so much so we gave it a 4 out of 5 rating last month.

Now as a treat Ewan recently spoke to us to talk us through 'Omphalic' track-by-track.

If your band would like to set up a ‘Track Guide’ feature for Already Heard, please email Sean Reid.

Spilt Milk Perfume
This song, as many on this record, came together in the studio. I had a riff idea with a bunch of 7th inversions that I was playing about with and the bones of a song I’d written on an acoustic the night before. We jammed out the bridge and really had fun with it and I like what that adds to the song as it did turn out to be pretty poppy.

The lyrics are about having to assume a smell or persona to get by in this world with the least amount of hassle. I feel very disconnected from our species and our acts and behaviours embarrass me.

I came into the studio with this song only and the idea of recording an EP so this was the only song on the record that I had fully worked out before hand.

The song is named after Kirsten Dunst’s character in Lars von Trier’s Melancholia and the lyrics are about realising your place in the universe and the implications of that. The more you realise you’re meaningless in the scale of everything: that insignificance comforts me but the idea of being alive, forever living repeat lives, or dead forever after this life terrifies me and leads me to spiralling depressive turns. I imagine death is a lot like it was before I was born… that’s the only comfort I can find in this train of thought.

Read More

Check out this awesome track by track explanation of Omphalic, and then buy a copy while you still can, there’s not too many left.


Tonight - https://www.facebook.com/events/1434146323530008/
Next Month - https://www.facebook.com/events/547180142074254 Tonight - https://www.facebook.com/events/1434146323530008/
Next Month - https://www.facebook.com/events/547180142074254

Tonight - https://www.facebook.com/events/1434146323530008/

Next Month - https://www.facebook.com/events/547180142074254


thin privilege | drumming (self-titled, struggletown records, 2014)

the bonus track from our record released back in may has surfaced on youtube. sean came up with a cool beat that he wanted us to work on, and i think it was me who suggested that the majority of the song just be that beat and vocals with no bass. the result is this track, and for something so bare, it’s pretty groovy. 

we have one more EP to release, with one more show to play (details not confirmed yet), then that’s it. this has been a cool project to be involved with. incredibly proud of what we have produced.

Bonus Thin Privilege material.

We’ve released A LOT of awesome music this summer, and we’re not done yet, but we need your help to keep it up. Pick something up from our webstore and use the code SUMMEROFSTRUGGLE to get 10% off orders over £10 for the next wee while.

Spread it around.


Tonight is your last chance to enter to win a 180g 12” vinyl test press of SOME SMALL WAY. #nowspinningkoji

Koji rules!